Gratitude List March 31, 2012.

Saturday, I continued with my meetings and all of them went off well. On return at home, Ranjan informed me that my father had arranged for a plumber and that Ranjan paid the bills. On enquiring my father said that Ranjan had called the plumber and not he, but said that he was satisfied with the work done and wanted some more to be done. This was most puzzling but I could not find out more details as Ranjan had gone off by the time I got around to figuring out what had happened. Anyway, some plumbing problem in my father’s bathroom was attended to.

On Sunday too I went off to my meetings but returned home in time for the afternoon tea. Nothing exciting had happened in my absence, but the mystery of the plumber was solved. The door bell rang, Ranjan opened the door to find a plumber saying that he had been called. Since I was not at home, Ranjan asked my father if he wanted a plumber’s services and the latter promptly said yes and got him to do some work that had been pending for some time. Each thought that the other had called the plumber. It turned out that the plumber was sent for by our neighbour who got quite upset when the appointment was not kept. I am grateful that a decent plumber known to my neighbour had done this and nothing untoward happened.

Monday passed off peacefully without any significant happening. I was able to go for a long walk and shop for idly dough, tender coconut water and fruits. On the way out, I was collared by Sunil and Meeta to share a cup of tea with them which was a nice break. I made a new friend Ramanathan, at the park who came over home to borrow some Tamil magazines that I subscribe to for my father. My father was thrilled to talk to him in Tamil and that was a pleasant interlude to observe.

Mangal played truant on Tuesday, which incidentally in Marathi is called Mangalwar. I had to do kitchen duty again but managed to do a satisfactory enough job for my Ranjan’s taste. Late in the afternoon Jay made a quick visit and threatened to take me with him as his translator to visit a Nadi Jothish. I was not particularly enthusiastic about the consultation, but agreed to go with him to translate for him. Late in the evening, Shalinitai about who I had written last week, rang me up to thank me for the write up about her. Neena who is a regular reader of my blog posts read it out to her and apparently, both were quite thrilled to see them featured thus.

Cooked up a steam as Mangal was still away on Wednesday and it was much appreciated. Even I liked my own output! My friend from the park, found his way home in the forenoon and had tea with me. Another Tamil speaking man, my father was delighted. Jay would not let me have my siesta and dragged me off to the astrologer. This was my first time ever and a grand experience it was to sit through the Tamil readings and tranlating into English for Jay. Jay was very pleased and most grateful for my assistance. I have warned him that one day I will ask him to square up accounts.

Mangal continued to be away and so I was on kitchen duty again. My father simply refuses to eat any food not cooked at home since his tryst with the upset stomach. So, I made enough for the three of us and some to spare. I sent off one box each to Vimlu and Husena and it reached them at the exact time when they were sitting down for lunch. In the evening at the park, I was complimented and now I am in trouble with my other friends who want me to cook the same and send them too. While all these shenanigans were going on, one long standing problem with a difficult customer got resolved to the satisfaction of everyone concerned. Phew. I was able to help Manjunath with some material sourcing and I think that it would be of great help to him in the future.

It was also on Thursday that I got some fantastic news. Vinod, son of my childhood friends Rajam and Ambi had been appointed the new Scientific Director of the MIRA Research Institute at the University of Twente. His appointment by the Executive Board comes into effect from 1 May 2012. Vinod is currently Professor at the University of Twente’s Nanobiophysics Group, a position he will combine with his new post as Scientific Director of MIRA. What a lad!

Friday saw me on kitchen duty again, but all went off well. I was able to book two large orders to end the financial year much to the satisfaction of my principals.