Terrorism – Bomb Blasts in Delhi. Enough Is Enough. A Radical Suggestion.

As I finished my work on the computer today, I saw the flash about bomb blasts in Delhi earlier this evening.
Today, India has the dubious distinction of being the country with the maximum terrorist activity in the world. We have Fundamentalists, Naxalites and other nut cases committing horrendous acts of terrorism that affect ordinary people.

I say Enough Is Enough!

I have a radical suggestion to tackle this problem. It is commonly known that Both the Central Government and the State Governments of India do not have sufficient man power to police the country and provide adequate safety for its citizens and implement law and order. The political will is simply not there to provide the funds as, the funds are to be used for populist measures. This is where my radical suggestion comes in.

Pope John Paul was once asked in an interview as to how many people worked in the Vatican. Without batting an eye lid, he replied “About half!”

This is true for both the Central Government and all the State Governments. My suggestion is to take half the strength of both employees and transfer them into the various police departments for training to become police personnel at the same rank and privileges as their old positions. Without spending much money, we can increase the numbers in the police force and at the same time get the working half of the governments to work satisfactorily. The only additional expense will be what we will have to spend on training the new police force and perhaps some more on uniforms. I am sure that we can pass our hats around and raise the funds needed for this.

If our politicians can move their you know whats to draft suitable legislation and implement the laws thus enacted, this can be done within a year or two. We should of course depend only on about half of our politicians who work!

Would you like to add/amend/alter my suggestion? Please feel free to do so.