A Great Doctor And An Enforced Vacation.

A friend of mine had bought a package tour deal to go to Vietnam on a two week holiday. He had done this early this year and was looking forward to the trip.

Three weeks ago, he had severe pain in his back and he was laid up in a hospital with daily physio therapy etc and was discharged just six days ago. He was asked to continue the therapy by going to the hospital as an out patient every day and start walking around.

Considering his condition, he tried to cancel the tour but was told by the tour operator that he would lose up to 95% of the paid up sum as it was very late.

My friend went to the orthopedist looking after him and asked him his opinion. That wise old man said, take your pain killer medication at need and continue the exercises that you can do without the machines, and enjoy yourself. This is not a life threatening problem that you have and you should take the risk instead of losing all that money.

My friend rang me up from the airport to inform me that he and his wife were just about to board the aircraft to leave on their vacation!