To Hang Or Not To Hang Ajmal Kasab.

The lone captured Islamic Terrorist Ajmal Kasab, who cold bloodedly shot innocent civilians on our 26/11 carnage at Mumbai has been found guilty and given the death sentence.

Our anti death sentence brigade has started off its own brand of logic for why we should not carry out the death sentence. As one of our better known columnists says, “Hang Kasab? By all means. So long as we know it’s an emotional reaction of revenge, and not a rational response to an inhumanly savage act of violence which the killer’s death can only compound, never mitigate. Instead of hanging him, bury him alive in prison.”

While the majority of Indians believe that he should be hanged, this fringe has started off its attempts at being human.

I for one am in favour of carrying out the death sentence for the following reasons.

1. If he is in jail, another bunch of lunatics trained and supported by Pakistan based terrorist groups will hijack a plane or a ship or some thing else equally horrendous and demand his release in exchange for hostages taken. To save innocent civilian lives, our government may well do it. They did it once before and that released prisoner is one of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

2. Kasab is likely to preach jihad inside the prison and some released lunatic is likely to carry that out on Indian soil again.

I say, let him go and meet the virgins and drink all the wine that flows in streams that he was promised by his handlers, when he attains martyrdom.