My New Acquisition/s.

Let me share the latest adventure that I had. Due to my ulnar palsy on my right hand, I sometimes lose the grip on my cane and picking it up when it falls down is a problem when I am out walking in isolated places.

I ordered online for a collapsible hikers staff with a wrist strap attached to solve this problem. When the parcel arrived, it was in a semi assembled condition with no manual to explain how to assemble it.  Manjiree and Ranjan between the two of them decided to assemble it for me and in the process completely dismantled it and were unable to re-assemble it.
walking stick

Without waiting for them to solve the problem, I went off to see a movie and Ranjan promptly ordered for another one online on the assumption that he had ruined the one ordered by me beyond repair.

Ranjan’s colleague Rahul, an amateur Mr. Fix It, came along and has assembled the staff. It is in perfect condition and I now know how to adjust the length too.

I enjoyed watching the fun without getting excited or annoyed or upset. Letting the grass grow by itself as it were.

grass grows

The bonus?   I will get another staff tomorrow!