There are occasions in one’s life when one is overwhelmed by the totally unexpected but very pleasing gifts received from friends.  I have just been exposed to that experience by a dear friend Mukund who sent this to me.  Please click on the image to get a larger resolution.


And he added:
In your case you are a fulbillionaire.




Today’s Loose Bloggers’ Consortium topic “Conditions” has been chosen by Grannmar who must have an Ace up her sleeve with this topic as, it took me a long time to figure out just what to write. As I am wont to under such conditions, I decided to let my Muse take over and here is what she wrote.

Primarily, my conditions are:

The most important, Financial. Reasonably good with some money in the bank, a roof over my head all paid for and of much higher value than what I paid for; a regular pension that can keep my body and soul together and a small agency that gives some icing on the cake every month.

The next in importance, Health. This can be subdivided into physical, mental and dental.
Physical: Other than my replaced/revised hip joints, in reasonably good condition.
Mental: I think that I am sane. That opinion however, is not shared by most people who know me, including some regular readers.
Dental: I wear one partial denture and two caps covering four other teeth. I have recently lost one wisdom tooth after extracting which, the dentist gleefully told me that the last wisdom I had has now been dispatched to the garbage heap.

The next in importance is Relationships. All current relationships are satisfactory but all are platonic. Sad. I am however still hopeful.

The condition of the environment in which I live in is also satisfactory. I live in a city that is growing but in a suburb that is away from the hustle and bustle of the center. It is peaceful and the residents are friendly and helpful. All facilities are available within walking distance. The climate is salubrious and the city is the preferred destination for retirees.

My Muse has stopped writing.