Is Being A Woman All That Difficult?

Many readers of this blog are women and also from the West. Recently some intriguing oped pieces have been appearing in many publications, including venerable ones like the Readers Digest on some of the problems faced by women, even today.

Just a random collection from one such publication, the New York Times, of three articles illustrate what I mean. While one is from a man’s perceptive, the other two are from women and so more the interesting.

Recently, I have been reading Gaelikaa’s blogs and find some issues faced by a Western woman married to an Indian, living in India, but her problems and joys are different from those that these articles present.

I have written about some of the problems and prospects of the modern and not so modern Indian women in India and find that there are a lot of commonalities, just as I find commonalities in the problems and prospects of men in India with men in the West. While the Indian women are not getting the press that the Western ones are, the problems remain the same.

And to give some icing on the cake for my readers, here is something special about another famous lady, admired and decried and at a point of time, even pitied for her husband’s peccadilloes.

It will be interesting to hear from my Western readers what they think about the articles linked here. Please feel free to comment. Thank you.