Gratitude List – December 10, 2011.

There is a particular person in my life who has not yet featured in my gratitude list to the extent that she should. I wish to make amends for that neglect. It is not due to neglect or taking her for granted that I have not written about her, but due to the fact that almost without fail, every day, she spends some time with me chatting and giving me a lot of moral support. I use her as a sounding board and also as a mature wise person whose sense of humour can lift anyone’s spirit up. I suspect that she will be reading this and recognising herself, but to save her any embarrassment, I do not wish to name her here. Thank you dear friend.

There was another woman who deserves not only my gratitude but of all my siblings as well, for having looked after my father for over three decades. It is only after my father moved in with me that I can understand what she must have gone through living with him. I only wish that she had lived a while longer to have continued her yeoman, or should it be yeowoman, service to him. The last couple of weeks have particularly been hard to keep my spirits up with my father being quite difficult about somethings and the lady mentioned in my first paragraph of this post has played a significant role in lifting my spirit up. My son, has been no less a support and I wish to express my gratitude to both these people before I do my day by day writing.

Saturday was a day of peace and quiet till the evening when it suddenly perked up. A family friend attached to both my father and me wanted to come on skype and talk to us and after much long distance phone calling, we arranged for it and it was grand talking to him after so many years. He has promised to be in more regular touch henceforth. Another friend, now settled in Baltimore gave me a big surprise and rang me up from the USA and spent a long time talking. I had to organise a birthday gift to someone as a surprise and telephoned a friend deed down South, who without the slightest hesitation agree to do what needed to be done. It is great to have such friends.

Sunday was truly a day of total rest and peace. No visitors, no phone calls nothing except my neighbour Vimlu who popped in to check how I was and to send me some exerimental condiments for trial.

Monday was another peaceful and quiet day. I was able to catch up with a lot of reading and still find the time to cook some mince meat curry, much appreciated by the son and heir.

Husaina had requested me to arrange for something to be brought from the city and Ranjan was to have done that yesterday. Due to pressure of work he could not do that on Monday and I had to make alternate arrangements. On Tuesday, due to completely unforeseen circumstances, Ranjan found himself in the city and was able to do the necessary. Husaina was delighted as was I.

Mitali landed up with a fresh lot of chickoos and drumsticks from her garden. We should soon see some tasty sambar with them in it.

Wednesday started off with a totally unexpected long distance phone call from a friend in Bangalore to compliment me on my post on parenting feminism and love. A little later our help rang up to say that due to a religious festival, she would be late if at all and I had to quickly arrange for lunch, which thanks to Ranjan being present the whole day and our local neighbourhood take away, was managed with ease. She did come in the afternoon just as I was about to start washing the dishes and one big chore was taken away from me.

I was grateful for a very uneventful and peaceful Thursday.

I learnt a new word on Friday – Threequel. Apparently, a third in a sequence after prequel and sequel. Thank you my anonymous friend who suggested that I follow up with a threequel on the Tram incident.