Slum Dog Millionaire

Some of my readers, have seen the film Slum Dog Millionaire and have been making some comments on my posts. While Jean has been fascinated by it, an interesting observation has been made by Liara and I quote her.

“An intriguing juxtaposition is offered by the film, Slumdog Millionnaire. Media have portrayed that the government has offered “better” housing/ living conditions to poor people from that area. Apparently, some people do not desire to change their way of life. Similarly, some people do not choose to shift how and what they take in with their senses. It is always possible to evolve to rise above thought and rediscover something else.”

In my life, serendipity is a frequent occurrence and I was not at all surprised to read a fascinating opinion piece this morning in out local news paper The Indian Express on precisely this subject.

There are two observations, one from Jay Leno and the other from Prince Charles which makes for some great introspection.

I do not want to add my two bits to an excellent article written by Y P Rajesh and take you to the article itself.

I look forward to some interesting interactions on this subject.