Movie – Sarkar 3.

The long awaited sequel to Sarkar and Sarkar Raj finally reached our theatres last Friday and I was able to see it yesterday after sacrificing my siesta for an inconveniently timed matinee show. The inconvenience however was worth it and I came away satisfied with the outing.

Caveat, while this movie can be seen on a stand alone basis, it is better that viewers see the earlier two films of the franchise to follow the thread that otherwise can be a bit confusing. Somewhat like seeing the Godfather III without having seen the earlier two in the series.

Amitabh Bachhan expectedly produces a very professional and impressive performance and is ably supported by a remarkable cast. Prior to going to see the film, I had not noticed that Yami Gautam was also in it and was very pleasantly surprised to see her in it though her role is peripheral to the main story and almost a cameo one. My readers will recollect my writing about her in my review of Kaabil.

I did not have great expectations from Amit Sadh, having seen him earlier in Kai Po Che and Sultan, but in this film, he has produced a remarkable performance. Not an easy task considering the calibre of the rest of the cast.

Ram Gopal Verma’s direction is up to his usual skilful tricks with light and sound. He effectively brings out the darkness surrounding the theme. Some exaggeration in depicting Manoj Bajpayee and Jackie Shroff can be forgiven given the characters that they portray.

A good entertaining film to watch during a warm afternoon when the air conditioning makes you forget the heat outside. And, Shackman, I did not have popcorn, but did indulge in a couple of samosas during the intermission.

Kaabil. (Capable)

The last of the three Hindi films that I had wanted to see in January but could see only earlier today turned out to be worth every minute of the 2 hrs and 20 minutes plus the time for ads, commuting etc.  I had written about the other two here and here.

This story is one of revenge but an unusual angle is given by making the hero and heroine blind. The action scenes are very credible particularly when one of the parties involved portrays a blind man. Every possible emotion is kindled in the viewer with remarkable ease by the very professional presentation.

What stands out in the film is the remarkable acting skills of Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam. Under the very capable direction of Sanjay Gupta both appear to be really blind and there is not one misstep in the entire film which is thanks no doubt to some excellent editing.

The others in the cast produce capable and professional performances, again thanks to some great direction assisted by very effective cinematography. Unobtrusive background music except for one very loud remix of an old favourite song, enhances the viewing experience.

If you can get to see it, please do not miss it.