Mula-Mutha River.

We live across the river Mula-Mutha from the main city of Pune and use two bridges to cross the river. I had occasion to cross both the bridges today and was able to take two photographs of the river when there was a break in the rain. Both the photographs were taken form the car as parking is not allowed on the bridges.

The first one is the bridge on the Western side of the city called the Yerwada bridge. My regular readers will already know how famous Yerwada is!

The next photograph is of the Koregaon Park Bridge which is to the East of where we live. You can see our township to the right of the river.

When the dams upriver overflow, water is let downstream and the whole bed is covered with flowing water. The rocks and reclamation that you can see on the right will be completely submerged. If you click to enlarge the photograph, you can see the Yerwada bridge in the far distance.