Indian Railways.

My readers will remember my love for the railways from my earlier posts. Just one written ten years ago should suffice. One of the few regrets that I now is my inability to travel, particularly by train.

I was totally zapped therefore when I received a clip from my friend on WhatsApp showing a freight train on Indian tracks that seemed to just go on and on. I had to wait till I could sit at the computer to search for more details about it and finally found this article.

Can you believe that the train is 2 Kilometres long? I am still in a state of amazement.

Here is a YouTube version of the run.

The Hug!

We had a visitor for lunch today. She is very special to me as are her husband and two delightful children. While the husband is not demonstrative, the three others share hugs with me whenever we meet and today was no exception. Before she left, I was given a hug and I started reminiscing about this phenomenon and what a grand way it is to express love for someone.

On those mornings when our paths cross, by which I mean, that I am not already on my newspaper reading and crossword puzzle solving mode, Ranjan always greets me with a bear hug and a cheery good morning. That sets the tone for the rest of the day and on some days when I am on my recliner, I am surprised by Manjiree with a hug and a kiss on my bald top. She usually does this quietly and sneaks up from behind while I am reading something. The surprise is very welcome indeed.

A coupe of others too sneak up from behind when I am reading and play “guess who” by covering my eyes and that too is a very pleasant interlude to otherwise placid times.  One, recently did that and I simply could not guess because,  she was based in a city in another state and I was not expecting her to come to Pune at all.  It was another instance of an event that I will always cherish.

There are others who give me hugs, particularly family members and some young friends who visit Rajan and Manjiree who are fond of me. I always enjoy these hugs.

Reminiscing about the phenomenon of hugs, I remembered this rather old clip and with some difficulty was able to locate it in YouTube. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it many years ago and again earlier today when I found it.