Synchronicity strikes again. My post Grammar Police reintroduced my sister Padmum to my readers some of whom complimented me on having her in my life. That post elicited a comment from Tammy that she missed seeing her Vlogs. That was followed by Tammy commenting on my post Hope sending me her trademark snoopy hugs after a long time.

All these things happened in just the last few days.

Then, just half an hour ago, I get a message from Padmum taking me to this wonderful article about Peanuts in the BBC.

Long live Peanuts.

Success Cycle.

At the age of 1 years …* *Success is.*
That you can walk without support

*At the age of 4 years …* *Success is.*
That you do not urinate in your pants,

*At the age of 8 years …* *Success is..*
To know the way back home.

*At the age of 12 years,* *success is..*
To have friends.

*At the age of 18 years,* *success is.*
To get a driver’s license.

*At the age of 23 years,* *success is.*
To graduate from a university.

*At the age of 25 years,* *success is.*
To get an earning.

*At the age of 30 years,* *success is.*
To be a family Man.

*At the age of 35 years,* *success is.*
To make money.

*At the age of 45 years,* *success is.*
To maintain the appearance of a young man.

*At the age of 50 years,* *success is.*
To provide good education for your children.

*At the age of 55 years,* *success is.*
To still be able to perform your duties well.

*At the age of 60 years,* *success.*
To still be able to keep driving license.

*At the age of 65 years,* *success is.*
To live without disease.

*At the age of 70 years,* *success is.*
To not be a burden on any one.

*At the age of 75 years,* *success is.*
To have old friends.

*At the age of 81 years,* *success is.*
To know the way back home.

*At the age of 86 years,* *success is.*
That not to urinate in your pants again.

At the age of 90 years …* *Success is.*
That you can walk without support again

One of the best messages I have ever read.

Life is a cycle.

I am indebted to Padmum and Shackman for the inspiration for this post.  For those interested, I am at the stage where success is to have old friends.

Fy Fy Fy.

I was teasing a friend on Whatsapp for his ideology and he responded with “I know that you are chavifying me….”

I bet that none of my non Indian readers can decipher that, and perhaps some Indians too!

Let me explain. Adding the fy at the end of a word is to signify an action explained by the first part. In English for instance, if you say nullify, it would mean that the action makes whatever has happened null and void or whatever. Other words such as diversify, intensify, exemplify, indemnify, demystify, personify, speechify, electrify etc, come to mind.

We Indians simply take Indian language words and add the fy to achieve the same result. Tamilians are particularly fond of doing this.

In the case of my friend’s comment in the first paragraph, chavi means a key. Particularly a key that is used to wind up things like clocks, mechanical toys etc. What my friend meant to convey was that he was aware that I was winding him up.

There are many other words like this and some are given below.

Maskafy – Applying maska. Maska means butter. Buttering up someone.

Ragdofy – To make someone slog.

Chaakufy – stabbing with a knife. Chaku means knife.

Keechofy – Pull.

Khichdify – Khichdi is a mixed dish with rice, lentils, nuts etc. In other words, make a hash of things.

Samaichufy – A Tamil concoction Samayal meaning to cook.

This has become so much part of the Tamil culture that a very popular song has been written around it. Kalaachify in the title means, mix it well.

The Mystery Of The Earworm.

For the past three days I have had this earworm bugging me.  It was also bugging me as to why it suddenly popped up in my consciousness. First it simply was the tune without the lyrics. When Manjiree returned home from a visit to her sister’s place, I asked her for the lyrics and since then the song has been bugging me.


It finally dawned on me just a while ago as to how I suddenly remembered this song. I remembered that this song is from a 1964 Hindi movie called Kohraa.

Once I realised that, everything fell into place.

On last Thursday a family friend had called on me. Her family name is Kaura. The similarities had played on my subconsciousness and brought up this old favourite song by association.

Awesome how our mind works!