The week just gone by has been one of a mixed experiences.  Some very memorable ones, some eminently forgettable ones and I would call it a normal ordinary week except for one factor.

That one factor was my observation that I could not get some things that I wanted totally or got them after a few failed attempts.  I went looking for a flat for senior citizens, in a development much advertised and found that the construction work had not even started. I went out to attend to two chores but was able to attend to only one because the driver misunderstood instructions and got delayed.  I went shopping for a few garments and found what I wanted in the colour and texture that I wanted but just not in the size or, found the correct size but not the colours that I wanted.  A DVD that I wanted was not available.  A book that I wanted was out of print and so on and so forth.

And that was not all, in terms of service, at a restaurant that I had gone with some friends, the dish I wanted was not available on that day and the less said the better about my ability to get auto rickshaws.  I am normally very lucky with them but the whole week went by with not one occasion when I could get the first passing rickshaw and had to wait for an obliging driver to take me to my destinations.

I was looking forward to spending some time with a friend who met me but was in a tearing hurry to go away to attend to other matters disappointing me no end.

I was reflecting on all these disappointments and decided that I just had a week of being comparable to Tantalus and mentioned this to my friend who ditched me who promptly contradicted me by pointing out that I had met and married the love of my life and had a long and happy life with her and thus could not be compared to Tantalus.  Naturally, I had to point out that Tantalus started missing out on goodies after his punishment and banishment to the underworld, in my case, the punishment perhaps for having had such a marvelous life!

That was the second week of the new year.  I hope that the rest of the fifty are better and that my punishment is not the eternal one that Tantalus was given. To the best of my knowledge, I have not offended any Gods.



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  1. And I thought I had problems.

    Yes, Ramana, Greek gods knew how to punish. Prometheus nailed to the spot (his liver continually renewed) has my particular sympathy, good old Sisyphus even more so. There are times I do identify with him and his forever having to shove that rock up the hill only to see it tumble down again. I wonder what would have happened if he’d gone on strike and just sat down.

    “Tantalizing” – such a sensual word. May most your desires be within your reach, Ramana. Don’t stretch too far – you might crack a bone.

    Ursula recently posted..Putting a lid on

  2. rummy!
    would you really move? first i thought . . . oh no! who would take care of chutki all day! and you would miss her! and she you!
    but then i thought of how happy i am in my little wren house. just big enough for me. all i need. and i thought . . . well. it might be a good thing after all for rummy. 🙂
    i’m sorry things went so poorly. but there are simply little short lived times like that. WE HOPE!!!
    here’s a great snoopy hug coming your way rummy. across the blue seas. i bet tantalus never got a snoopy hug! xoxo
    tammy j recently posted..dry kisses and time

    1. Actually, I would love to for the reason that I would then be able to live like as though I was in a hotel. No other reason. But I do enjoy my current lifestyle too and am quite content and happy with it.

  3. When I have weeks like this, I TRY to follow the wisdom of focusing on the things I’m grateful for. Sometimes, those things start out seeming small and silly – but even then, I end up chuckling to myself that I’ve had to dig so deep to find something so little, but am grateful nonetheless. “I’m still breathing. I still (mostly) have all my own teeth. I have a book I still haven’t read. I’m not stupid…” It sounds ludicrous to give such advice to someone who has had a terrible, awful trauma in their life, but it’s helpful when the little disappointments and annoyances pile up, I think.
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