Tavleen Singh On President Obama And The Taliban.

For sometime now, I have not been posting about my pet peeve – Pakistan. One after the other, whatever many of us Indians have been predicting has been happening in Pakistan and the world is now seeing Pakistan as it should have done the last many decades.

Since the matter of the Pakistani state abjectly surrendering to the Taliban is now common knowledge and Secretary of State Ms. Clinton has cautioned the world about the very real danger Pakistan poses to South Asia and the rest of the world in general and the USA in particular, this post has become necessary.

Tavleen Singh is a respected columnist in India and writes for one of India’s foremost newspapers. What she said, appeared in mid March 2009 but I have deliberately kept off the subject for obvious reasons.

This article reflects the thinking of many Indians and since many of my readers are from countries that are affected one way or the other with the developments in Pakistan, it should be read and perhaps shared with others concerned about the prospect of Pakistan’s nuclear arms falling into the hands of the Taliban and thus into the hands of Al quida.

As a concerned Indian, and global citizen, I believe that such views must receive the attention they deserve from a global audience. I now leave it to my readers to come to their own conclusions.

To add a different point of view, I also refer my readers to this article which is, to say the least, poignant.

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