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  1. And coffee is not so picky about how you hold it. I like to embrace the warm mug with my fingers threaded through the handle, to properly support its weight and to use the top of the handle as a fulcrum when tipping the strong, bracing beverage into my mouth.

    Chai by any other name is still…tea. As with coffee, only the best and strongest holds up to milk. I have a mug that says, “I’d drink flavored tea, if the flavor were ‘strong coffee.'”
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    1. India is still holding on to Tea despite onslaughts by coffee interests. There are pockets of strong coffee drinkers like the South Indian Brahmins to which community I belong but, who too due to migration to the North have switched loyalties to Tea. I have one mug of black coffee every mid morning but, prefer my morning ginger tea to wake me up for the day and after my siesta.

  2. I’m trying to get back to tea. I’m a coffee racist. I did bring a teapot with me from the house. What I find about tea is that late in the evening it is filling and satisfying and doesn’t yank me awake like late coffee does.

    A good strong blend of tea leaves. I abhor teabags. And oh my I do love Chai.

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    1. WWW, as usual the medical / health interests keep yoyoing between tea and coffee as to which is better. I have reached that stage of my life where I can have both and say phew!

  3. I did learn, once, that I don’t have a clue, really, how to make good tea. A friend from Ireland made me a pot of tea, once, and it was divine. All I remember are the non-essentials: fine, bone china painted with tiny, emerald shamrocks; loose tea and water heated just so; a tea cozy; milk; friendship. It was a ritual act, a work of art. Ceremonial, almost. Oh, so good.

    I have also tried a variety of teas from here: https://taooftea.com/teahouses/cosmic-reflections-lan-su-garden/

    I almost bought a cast iron tea pot, but you have to know yourself and draw the line, somewhere. I got a new coffeepot, instead.
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  4. alas. I am not the one to comment. I even enjoy “fake coffee.”
    apparently known as instant. but I do only drink Taster’s Choice for that at least.
    and as to tea… never got used to it other than the southern ‘sweet tea’ they serve here and everywhere SE of the great Mississippi. only it’s usually too sweet so I never order it. much prefer it straight and with ice and lemon!
    I like the different ‘cups’ you’ve pictured.
    here true tea drinkers are rather snobbish about it. must be in a delicate china cup. it supposedly tastes much better!
    and have always wanted to learn the art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.
    I love that. not for the tea so much as the entire philosophy and experience.
    have several books on it. it’s lovely.
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    1. Yes, the Japanese tea ceremony is mesmerising. But if you are on the go and want a quick pick me up in India, you simply cannot escape the ubiquitous chai wallahs everywhere.

  5. I do occasionally have “tea” but that usually because the combination coffee/hot chocolate powders have run out. I don’t like having roasted coffee when I’m out – that is when I have a bottle ice tea…

    my morning, get out of bed drink is 1/2 and 1/2 milk/water ratio with skim milk powder, a smidgen of coffee, 1.1/2 tspn hot chocolate & a smidgen of ground ginger. Late morning, usually well before lunch have the same but not ginger, rather a sprinkle of cinnamon.

    Rest of the day = water usually chilled; about twice a week remember to have a small red wine with my dinner…

    I eat breakfast usually later…

    I don’t “do” cups – I use a type of “keep cup” – usually a toughened plastic like base…I’ve a couple of them, which I keep for set types of drinks…

      1. I can’t manage anything with a handle…the “keep cup” is a cylinder vessel with a detachable lid… sometimes I can manage a mug but it’s becoming almost “no can do”

  6. I love tea. I have at least six cups of tea a day. Coffee more occasionally. If you really want to follow tea-drinking etiquette, there are one or two further rules – don’t let your tea spill down the side of the cup, don’t spill it in the saucer, don’t hold the cup on its own without the saucer, and absolutely never blow on the tea to cool it down.
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