Teachers Then And Now.

Diane had this to say in her comments on my blog post on Passing The Buck.

“Being a lowly teacher, the buck always stopped at me, so I never learned how to do it.”

That comment brought this cartoon to mind and I hope that she enjoys it as much as I did when I first saw it some years ago.

10 thoughts on “Teachers Then And Now.”

  1. I gather that’s very much the situation nowadays. It’s teachers who are berated for a child’s deficiencies, rather than the child for not putting in enough effort, not paying attention in lessons or whatever. It seems to be even worse in universities, where students paying colossal tuition fees expect high grades even if they’ve been bone idle.

  2. I find in many institutions the level of education has dropped significantly from my time.

    Many parents are upset about this but there are those who think their children perfect and attack the educational system.

    IMO it is extremely “dumbed down” today. There are medals for everyone.


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