My son Ranjan posted this on his facebook page. Please click on the image for a larger resolution.

There are some subtle details that need to be noted. One, the old fashioned telephone, my first choice in holding a conversation with anyone not in front of me.

The newspaper in the man’s hand. My first choice for keeping updated with global news. I get five of them delivered every morning not only for the news but also for the crossword puzzles in all of them.

I wish that the face could have shown the anger I must surely show when I have to go through an automated system at the other end of the telephone.

I responded to Ranjan’s question with : “In total agreement.”

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    1. I am right now in a battle via emails with a customer service team who have not understood my complaint and have been sending me ‘hold’ responses. Part of my entertainment schedule!

  1. Thanks for the laugh, Ramana. True, eventually, in the waiting, nothing is of any importance any longer. Sometimes, by the time I talk to a live person I have forgotten all about who and why I was calling.

    Automated phone systems, when they ask you to type reference numbers, say what you want to talk about, bring me to the point of tears (eight minutes later – in one case thirty minutes later). Only to, eventually, being put through to a human (oh, the relief – never mind their incomprehensible accent) to repeat all the information you have already punched into their system. I consider myself a pretty sturdy person, not easily ruffled, yet sometimes I come away from those “customer services” wrecked. Yes, wrecked. However, I’d like to note that I never ever take it out on the person answering the phone. Those poor bastards are just as much victims of the “system” as is the customer.

    United in reciprocal commiserations we stand,
    Ursula recently posted..Not so nice

    1. It is not only the telephone that bugs me. Even email correspondence with ‘hold’ responses like “we have escalated the issue to higher levels and you will hear from them”, drive me nuts.

  2. a couple of weeks ago – an automated voice said “if you speak your phone number into my robot (or words to that effect) I will call you back when you are next line, it should according to the queue in less than 10mins” – the robot did call me back and pleasantly said “we will be with you next…” next minute, I was speaking with a human who efficiently dealt with my query…

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