Ten Speed Bike.

Snoopy on bikeLife is like a ten-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.
~ Charles Schulz,

Let me explain why I dug up that quote.

There is a bit of painting work going on in my home and I got some wet paint on to a favourite white kurta. I would have normally sent the kurta with my Jeeves to the local dry cleaner to get the stain removed but since I was going out for a pedicure anyway, I decided to go myself. To my surprise, I saw the establishment being run by a very smart lady, rather unusual for that business here. She took one look at the stain and said that it was hopeless and if I wanted to wear the kurta I should dye the whole garment to the colour of the paint, chocolate brown! I was taken aback and exclaimed that I could not very well wear a brown kurta as I would look weird. The lady promptly suggested that if Amitabh Bachhan can wear coloured kurtas, I could too.
Big_BI hemmed and hawed and suggested that I was not in the same league to which, the lady said, that it was the Big B who was not in my league!

What speed gear should I have changed to?

PS.  I took her advise and have arranged for the kurta to be dyed.  I shall wear it and take a photograph to publish a follow up post to this.

16 thoughts on “Ten Speed Bike.”

  1. can’t wait !!!
    you’ll start a whole new fashion!
    and what she said to you. well. it was a compliment rummy !!
    i wish you’d show us where you’re painting a brown wall. or maybe it’s not a wall at all.
    i painted our bedroom walls brown once while bob was at work.
    he didn’t say much. not sure he liked it. but it took me over 4 coats to do it. i repainted it later. back to original ‘vanilla.’ so much WORK!!!
    i loved my brown walls.
    tammyj recently posted..a sweet little day

    1. It is not as revolutionary as a painting a wall Tammy. It is just a dining room set that is getting a coat of paint. The chairs are 35 years old and falling to pieces whereas the table is sturdy and still going strong. I have ordered for new chairs and decrepit table and side boards will look odd and hence the painting job. Chocolate brown chosen to match the stripes on the sofa set in the drawing room.

  2. …and then people will ask if you painted your walls to match your kurta or dyed your kurtas to match the wall….

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