Tension Nahin Lenekkaa! II.

My blogger friend Mitch surprised me with a memory power that I wish that I had! Here is an exchange that we had on his blog post Personality – Gauging Between Too Much And Too Little. Please click on the image to get an enlarged version. After reading you can return to the post by using the ‘back’ button.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 7.31.04 AM

What really zapped me was Mitch referring to a blog post that I wrote more than six years ago! I was just starting to blog then!

Those two lovable characters who feature in that post are still very much part of my life though I don’t have anything to share with them in the form of tension! The Pavwallah has upgraded himself to a motorcycle. That is all the change from then to now and the surrogate son continues to blissfully live without any tension in his life.

Mitch, I salute you for your phenomenal memory and thank you for reminding me of that philosophy!

5 thoughts on “Tension Nahin Lenekkaa! II.”

  1. Interesting. He was certainly right on in my estimation about you. Personally I only started blogging to reconnect with an old friend who has ironically bailed on the group I was so excited to join. But I did make a couple of new friends along the way. I have yet to fully open up in this format although some of you have induced a bit of onion peeling along the way. I suspect I will soon be a bit more aggressive in my commenting and tackle a few more subjects. We’ll have to see how that goes over.

    1. Mitch is a remarkable person. If you go back to his earlier posts you will find him very perceptive. I sure hope that you will increase your blogging. You do have a great deal waiting to come out.

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