Thank God The Turban And Not The Head Went.

தலைக்கு வந்தது தலைப்பாவோடபோச்சு.
Thalaikku vandadu thalappavoda pochu.
The Turban And Not The Head Went. (A flood is implied)

That is an adage in Tamil when someone expresses gratitude for getting away with a small mishap instead of a big one.

I had to say this on two occasions yesterday and today.

Yesterday, after the movie was over and we got up to leave the theater, Ramesh left first as he was sitting on the aisle seat and he was in a hurry to make a phone call. I got up and while navigating the aisle seat, tripped and fell, but was fortunately held from a total fall by three young people who were coming down behind me. I was disoriented for a while and when Ramesh saw that I was back on the seat, he came and enquired from the youngsters as to what happened and was very concerned that he missed the action. I conveyed the adage to him in Hindi,

Earlier today, I had gone walking to my pedicurist who has set up a new saloon about 15 minutes walk away from my home and on the way, tripped on a protruding tile on the footpath and fell flat on my face. I was again helped up by some young people who tried to get me to get into an automobile to be taken home but I refused and managed to walk to the saloon. Nooruddin the pedicurist saw the condition of my clothes and asked and expressed his regrets to who too I shared the adage.

Other than a bruised ego, there was no damage but on both occasions, things could have been worse.

My spiritual Guru used to share a story often with his students. A lady student asked him why despite attending his classes for many years, her mother in law was such a tyrant at home. Swamiji would respond by asking her to imagine how the mother in law would be had she not been attending his classes!

I am grateful that I can think of such an adage and feel content that things could have been worse.

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