Thayir Saadam.

My Indian friends who read this will immediately appreciate the fact and the joke behind this image.

Thayir Saadam is simply a dish of a mixture of cooked rice and yoghurt sometime seasoned with mustard seed, lentils, curry leaves and red chilli, which is a comfort food in India.

Quite how popular it is can be shown by what happened at a recent meeting at my home.

Two weeks ago, it was my turn to host the monthly meeting and lunch of a group of Seniors in which I am a member of. The youngest in the group is 75. You can imagine what a rambunctious group it would have been by just one simple change to our normal meetings, of that day. We always adjourn to a restaurant after the meeting for lunch but,  on that day, one gent decided that he needed a special dish not readily available in restaurants and I had the pleasure of contacting a catering service specialising in that particular combination called Dhal Batti Churma to get it delivered at my home. Knowing however, the quirks of my cohorts, I had also organised some Thayir Saadam made at home, just in case there was demand for it. Lo and behold, that turned out to be the most popular item on the menu that afternoon.

For me, it is a daily must-have comfort food and I take particular pains to set the yoghurt every alternate day so that we never run out of it.

Have you had it?  If not, please do try and I bet that you will fall for it like all of us did that day.

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