The Art Of Saying No.

2014-06-07 10.09.58

My son Ranjan conducted a workshop for a group of young people yesterday on “The Art Of Saying No” and I decided that I will benefit by attending too.

Apart from the fact that Ranjan is my son and that I am likely to be very biased, I am glad that I attended because some of the problems that I have had saying no to people suddenly became easy to diagnose and rectify.

The first test was this morning when a friend rang up to invite me for a lunch outing and was almost pleading with me to go with him because he was all alone and did not want to to lunch out alone.  Absolute emotional blackmail which I was able to resist and in a perfectly acceptable way handle with aplomb and regret my inability to go with him without feeling guilty about it.

Fathers can learn from sons too!  Any lessons that you have learnt from your child?

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