15 thoughts on “The Beards Are Ruling – 2.”

  1. dare I laugh? the guy in the middle looks like he’s got some real anger going on! it must be hard nowadays for men. some women get insulted if a man even opens a door for them! but if they were as pregnant as that lady is they would get up and give her a seat… man OR woman! that’s just general kindness. maybe gender should be taken out of it and just revert to kindness.
    I have always liked beards on men. but there are beards and there are beards.
    I don’t like the kind that’s NEVER trimmed. gross! like the Amish. I call those crumb catchers for old men. but oh my. a nicely trimmed beard is beautiful.
    although they must be hot in hot weather? yours always looks fine Sean!

    1. Laugh? I am livid. It is criminal not to offer a seat for a lady in that condition.

      I am right now letting my beard grow for a few months to see how a fully grown beard will look on me. Actually, on a dare from a friend!

  2. Those selfish effers. Even I, with health challenges would get up and offer her my seat. Nothing to do with men and women. I hold doors for those more needy, wheelchairs and walkers and blind.

    As to beards, has to be trimmed. Beard rash (and smell from untrimmed) I can do without.


    1. I realize I am no dangerous grounds here as it’s pure speculation. I sometimes wonder if you actually like men, WWW. You tend to be quite quick at condemning the male. Look at the photo of those “selfish effers” as you call them: One is asleep, one (the one Tammy diagnoses with “anger” issues) appears to be preoccupied, maybe with his own troubles, looking inward rather than out, and the third (with the smartphone) well I am afraid that is just a sign of our times – eyes always on the screen.

      Please also see my general comment further down. Let me know what you think.


  3. each to their own kind…if it rocks your boat and those around you, then so be it…it’s not my cup of tea, the scratchy feeling is too much interference with a good kisser 🙂
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Weekend Warrior

  4. Strange shape of bump, may I say. Anyway, let’s just acknowledge that some people are unaware of their surroundings. Totally oblivious. Through no fault of their own. That is nothing that can’t be cured by asking if they would mind [giving up their seat]. No use feeling the victim. Open your mouth – whether you are pregnant, have two broken legs, are old, nauseous, on the brink of fainting … or any combo thereof.


  5. That situation is most unlikely in Belfast. People are always ready to give up their seat for someone who’s pregnant, elderly, unsteady on their feet or whatever. Three self-absorbed and indifferent men would get filthy looks all round.

  6. I’m a little suspicious about that photo—is it out of the realm of possibility to think it was posed? Anything to get a rise out of people in these days of rampart social media! Oh, I’m so cynical! Apologies to all of the participants if I’m wrong! Thanks, Rummuser—you have us on the edge of our seats, once again!

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