The Beauty of Friendship.

I received this via WhatsApp from a friend.

I loved this and wanted to share it with you …

Why do I have a variety of friends who are all so different in character?
How is it possible that I can get along with them all?
I think that each one helps to bring out a “different” part of me.

With one of them I am polite.
With another I joke.
With another I can be a bit naughty.
I can sit down and talk about serious matters with one,
be on the same wavelength with another.
With another I laugh a lot.
I listen to one friend’s problems.
Then I listen to another one’s advice for me.

My friends are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
When completed, they form a treasure box.
A treasure of friends! They are my friends who understand me better than I understand myself.
They’re friends who support me through good days and bad.

Real Age doctors tell us that friends are good for our health.
Dr. Oz calls them Vitamin F (for Friends) and counts the benefits of friends as essential to our well being.
Research shows that people in strong social circles have less risk of depression and terminal strokes.
If you enjoy Vitamin F constantly you can be up to 30 years younger than your real age.
The warmth of friendship stops stress and even in your most intense moments, it decreases the chance of a cardiac arrest or stroke by 50%.

I’m so happy that I have a stock of Vitamin F (Friendship)!
In summary, we should value our friends and keep in touch with them.
We should try to see the funny side of things and laugh together and pray for each other in the tough moments.

I know I am part of their lives because their names appear on my mobile screen every day and I feel blessed that they care as much for me as I care for them.

Thank you for being my Vitamin Fs !!!

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Friendship.”

  1. I agree that friendships help us to stay healthy and contented. I like the idea of a jigsaw puzzle of different friends. And I like the idea of vitamin F! But I think what’s just as important as friendship is a positive outlook on life. If you have loads of friends but all you do is moan and complain, that won’t help you very much – and you’ll probably drive them all away!

  2. There’s a lot there to think about Ramana.
    The jigsaw comparison is a good one. Jigsaws can be tricky to work out at times, each piece will only go in one place, hopefully my friends can fit together and see that even though they are different they all fit into my life (the edges)
    Take care and stay safe
    Cathy recently posted..Seen Outside…..Sunday Selections

  3. what a wonderful post Sean! thank you for it.
    I’ve heard friends on the internet called ‘just virtual.’ and I don’t mean the facebook masses. but friends we actually come to know. those who share their lives and experiences. why do they have to label friends?
    I genuinely love all my virtual friends. my life is so much richer for knowing them. like you say. they are true treasures! Vitamin K indeed.
    and I agree with Nick’s point too… a positive outlook on life is important to our health. especially now!

    1. Except my blogger friends, I don’t have any Virtual Friend. All my friends on social media are people that I know in flesh and blood. Having said that, I too have indeed formed some very strong friendships with my virtual friends who are / were essentially bloggers or commentators in my blog.

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