The Brain.

There are some mysteries that never get solved and this is one of them.

My late wife always told me that I had no brains. The endearing term that she used was “Buddhu”. I usually agreed with her so that a non issue did not become a cause for major doo. (Difference Of Opinion.)

She was not the only one. My regular readers would remember another great person in my life who not only thought that decades ago, but who continues to do so even now. My father.

Both would however grant me that I was a successful Manager. Successful mind you, not necessarily a Manager with brains.

I wish that this report had been made public when Urmeela was alive. I also wish that I could get my father to accept at least now, that I had an extraordinary, by which I mean extra large, brain. To that latter hope, I must add that for him, no report from any authority other than his own parental one would do justice to judgments made about his first-born’s brains.

I thank my ex colleague for sending me the link to this report with the comment that he finally accepts that my brain is bigger, but not necessarily better than his own.

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