The Break Up.

No, I have not broken up with any one.  I don’t have a significant other to break up with or from.  That is an interesting observation.  Is it break up with or break up from?  Since I can always escape saying that I am an indian, I leave it to the pundits who read this to decide and inform me.

The break up

For some strange reason, two completely different and also disparate people thought that I would like to see this film. Having seen it, I still cannot figure out why they thought so.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
~ Leo Tolstoy.
And that is the message that this film conveys. The woman wants the man to change and the man wants the woman to change and change both do, but by the time that they do, it is too late.

I enjoyed watching Jennifer Aniston of ‘Friends’ in a movie role. I did not even know that she acts in movies but she did carry herself off well in the role.

Vince Vaughn plays his role with aplomb as he normally does.  In my opinion, this role underutilises his talent. Remember his role in The Jurassic Park?

The end came as a huge surprise and was very well handled by the director.

One rather odd feature of the film is that there are not many scenes where you can see both Vaughn and Aniston together or close to each other.  I wonder if this is due to the former being so much taller than she is!

Another feature of the film is that there is no scene like what is shown on the posters!

A pleasant way to pass an evening if nothing better is available.  Since there is nothing extraordinary about this film I will give it a [rating=4] .

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  1. Vaughn was not in the original Jurassic Park – he was in Lost World. This is a decent movie, a reasonable excuse to make some popcorn and kick back and watch. Anniston is quite busy making movies – Me and Marley and the Bounty Hunter are both better than this one. She has yet to do anything that puts her in the class of top tier actresses in comic roles like Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts but she’s certainly the most successful of the Friends group post Friends.

  2. Interesting that 2 people recommended this movie to you.
    I agree with your comment about a pleasant way to pass an evening if nothing else is available. It seems that’s how we came to watch it.

    I didn’t realize/remember that V.V. was in Jurassic Park.
    Marianna Paulson recently posted..Stressing Sleep

    1. After seeing the film I called both and asked for refund of the amount I spent on the DVD. They both felt that I missed the nuances of two strong personalities in a relationship!

  3. I’m not a pundit, but in my personal vernacular it would be “break up with” a person, and, perhaps, “break up from” a relationship. It is more common though to simply end a relationship.
    Talk to Me…I’m Your Mother recently posted..mean-ing

  4. “A pleasant way to pass an evening if nothing better is available. Since there is nothing extraordinary about this film I will give it a ★★★★” ????
    How do you work out the award stars for the movies you review? To me the four stars don’t tally with the written review. I have not seen this movie, not sure I want to now.
    Grannymar recently posted..Thursday Special ~ Dads

    1. Pleasanter than watching the election fever on our news channels Grannymar. That rating system is on a six star base. Four would bring it to just about above average.

  5. well rummy…
    i’m thinking they recommended it to you because they think you have an open mind! a lot of men will watch NOTHING but ‘blow it up’ violent macho type movies. you on the other hand have sophisticated tastes and a broader palate when it comes to movies! even though this one didn’t measure up…
    i would still take the recommendation as a compliment!
    i have never seen it either.
    tammyj recently posted..puppy series. hair

  6. I have not seen the film and it looks that DVD is the way as the film has some age. Maybe it will come on TV one day? Then I will watch.
    Breaking up from sounds rather positive to me. Like a freeing decision rather than failing. But this is just a general comment.
    I like the Tolstoy quote. Generally trying to change somebody shows lack of respect and interest in the person and yet so many of us fall in love with somebody and immediately proceed to change the object of adoration. Does not make sense to me.
    Anna recently posted..YOUR CORE VALUES – PART 1

    1. You will not miss much if you do not get to see it Anna. Yes, that was the message in the film. After the break up they simply go back to being what they were before they try to make up when it is too late.

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