The Butterfly.

Last Friday, I sat in my favourite garden chair in our veranda in the afternoon having my tea and was also absorbed in reading a book at the same time. A butterfly looking very much like the one pictured above, came gently and sat on my forearm resting on the arm of the chair. I stopped reading and drinking the tea lest it gets disturbed and enjoyed watching it slowly fluttering its wings for quite some time before it flew away.

Pune is partly located in the Western Ghats, our mountain ranges in the Western part of India. This is home to many varieties of butterflies and many are very rare. For those interested, this site will give some fascinating information.

When Urmeela was alive, she used to sit in our verandah during the day time besides the early mornings when both of us would sit there having our morning tea. I used to join her sometimes in the day time too, when I had nothing calling for my attention inside the house. On many occasions, both of us have had butterflies sit on some part of our bodies and we would always be very happy when that happened.

Since her passing away, this was the first time when this happened and I went through a period of intense longing for those days. It is difficult to explain that particular experience, but it was like as though she had come in the form of the butterfly to give me a message. Vivid imagination, I said to myself, rather than a paranormal experience! Ashok, I hope you do not mind!

What about you? Have you had some extraordinary experiences like this?

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