The Charles Schultz Philosophy.

The comic strip ‘Peanuts’ has been a favourite of mine for decades. I can’t remember even one which I did not enjoy reading and savouring.

The latest to come way is a  link to a blog on the philosophy of the late Charles Schultz, the creator of Peanuts, this blog post which I am sharing with my readers with the hope that they will enjoy it as much as I did.

10 thoughts on “The Charles Schultz Philosophy.”

  1. Indeed, the people we remember are the ones we had some kind of strong personal connection with – because they cared, or they understood us, or they inspired us in some way, or they just listened properly to what we were saying.

    “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” I love it!

  2. you know how much I love Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the wisdom of Peanuts. I used these images a lot in my old blog.
    this might just be my favorite of all your posts. that link to Sparky and his philosophy of life is wonderful. simple wisdom at its best!
    thanks Sean. much love to you. xo

    1. Yes, I do know how much you love Charlie Brown and how you even named your blog! I am delighted that you found this post to your liking. And lots of love to you from us too.

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