The Comedy that is Standard Chartered Bank – An update.

My post on SCB’s attitude towards Senior Citizens in general and to my friend Anand in particular has generated one anonymous commentator who gave me the telephone number of the General Manager, Credit Cards, advising me that I could speak to him. Another employee also commented that my friend Anand could contact her and she would ensure that he will get full satisfaction. One more contacted me via my contact box and suggested that I give him the name and telephone number of Anand. The first two comments are available in the first post and you can see that at least the lady with 15 years of service with SCB had the right attitude.

I responded to the third person who contacted me via the contact box and gave him Anand’s real name and phone numbers. Anand received a phone call from someone this morning which far from giving any satisfaction, has only aggravated the situation by that person asking for the email address.

My response to all that has happened so far is quite clear in my response to the comments made by Mike Goad.

The latest developments are as follows. Anand received a letter yesterday, dated the 25th inst from SCB advising him to accept ECS/Auto debit. The phone call to him came after the letter was received by him.

Now, to cap it all, I reproduce three mails in the sequence in which they were sent/received and I leave it to you to come to your own conclusion about the attention to detail that SCB pays to matters of customer service. I also suspect that there are too many people in the chain who do not know what exactly needs to be done at any given point of time.

Email No.1 from Anand to SCB

“I have been advised by your call center customer relations executives, Ms. V, Mr.M and Ms.S, on August 23, 2008, that since I am now a Senior Citizen, I can avail the facility of your credit card only if I authorize you to debit my savings bank account with you with any usage of the card. This is not acceptable to me. They have confirmed that my credit card has been deactivated, but have refused to send a letter in confirmation.

Under the circumstances, I am confirming that your deactivating my credit card is acceptable to me. I shall not be responsible for any misuse of my credit card, which after the last renewal has not been received by me.

I shall appreciate a letter in reply confirming that the credit card has been deactivated.

Thank you.”

The reply to this from SCB:

“Dear Mr. Anand,

This is with reference to your e-mail dated August 25, 2008

We understand from your communication that you are interested to opt
for ECS/Auto debit payment towards repayment of the dues.

Based on your request, we have forwarded your request to the concerned
department. The same will be actioned within 7 working days.

We request you to bear with us in the interim. One of our Officers
will get in touch with you shortly in this regard.

Assuring you of our best services always

Yours sincerely,

Officer – Customer Care”

Anand’s hopefully last and desperate response:

“Dear Ms. SK,

Now, you are creating fresh problems. Please read my email again with a little patience. I do not, I repeat, do not, want to operate my credit card under your scheme for Senior Citizens only if they opt for ECS/Auto debit payment towards repayment of the dues.

I simply want you to confirm that my card has been deactivated so that I do not need to worry that it will be misused by someone. Why don’t you simply send me an email, or a letter confirming that my credit card has been deactivated.

Please take appropriate action and confirm, this time, proper action, thank you.


Here is a classic example of modern managements entrusting customer service to call centers, major decisions being taken unilaterally without consulting or informing customers, particularly loyal customers of long standing, internally, no proper systems working to centralize the problem to take appropriate action and the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

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