The Company Of Great Persons.

We had a house-guest the last two days. He is my son’s friend, and had come to Pune to finalise a place to set up residence. He normally lives in Mumbai and some family related matters has made it an imperative that he shifts to Pune.

During a couple of long sessions of discussions on wide ranging subjects, I learnt some new things from him as he claimed he did from me too. For me, I learn new things from the world of Management every time some one younger comes along and spends some time with me and this one was such an occasion. From my side, I was able to give some information about India’s economy, development and politics to him, information that I have acquired through my reading habits and discussions with a wide circle of friends that I am blessed with.

He left early yesterday morning but, before he left, he came near me, bent down, touched my feet and took my blessings as traditionally Indians are taught to in their childhood. This is a practice that due to Westernisation and urbanisation has more or less disappeared and I was touched by this traditional way of taking leave by this young man. He said that he believed in the Guru Shishya Parampara and considered his time with me as between a teacher and a student and said that he looked forward to more such meeting in the future once he settles down in Pune.

I was touched by this gesture and respect / affection shown by this young man. The experience led me to some reflection on the information that I shared with him and concluded that I am blessed with the association of a number of very smart and erudite people in my life. I called one of them to share this experience and conclusion and he promptly and cheerfully shared this message through WhatsApp!

Company Of Great Persons.

महाजनस्य संसर्गः कस्य नोन्नतिकारकः I

पद्मपत्रस्थितम तोयं धत्ते मुक्ताफलश्रियम II

Mahaajanasya samsargah kasya nonnathikaarakah. 1

Padmapathrasthitham thoyam dhatte muktaaphalashriyam. 2

Company of great persons is always beneficial.

A drop of water on lotus leaf appears like a pearl, thus gaining
a status similar to that of pearl.

This is to thank all those great persons in my life.

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  1. I haven’t met many great persons in my life, if by that you mean people who are wiser and kinder and more talented than most. But I’ve met plenty of ordinary people who have guided me in one way or another and whose inspiration I will always be grateful for.

    1. I used the adjective “great” as it was the translated part of the Sanskrit term used in the couplet. None of the people in my life are great by your definition. They are ordinary people of my class, educational background, interest group etc from whom I have learnt and continue to learn. I suppose the correct translation for the Sanskrit in this context should be noble as opposed to ignoble people.

      “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

      ~ Sir Isaac Newton

  2. a lovely young man. you have wonderful happenings in your life Rummy.
    a life well lived obviously! I expect you will see more of him as a friend of Ranjan’s and him moving to Pune.

  3. I have often said I walk on the shoulders of giants who through their journeys of darkness into light have encouraged and sustained me through my own darkness. They would never think of themselves as great but merely fellow travellers.

    We all have something to teach each other, even those who teach us what not to do.

    I am happy you had such a fulfilling time with your young friend.


  4. Sir,

    I’m truly humbled and feel blessed that I’ve been considered worthy of our “brief” interactions with you during my stay at your home.

    I say brief in inverted commas because those brief moments were a revelation for me in so far as being a recipient of the Pearls of Wisdom that you imparted during the course of our Association.

    I value this greatly.

    God indeed is great.

    With Much Metta, Respect and Regards.


    I have taken the liberty to express my Gratitude Sir.

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