The Complete Man.

My friend Rajinder sent me this observation by a WhatsApp message. Some of the bite in the message is lost as I have translated it from the original Hindi into English. My apologies but, my readers will find it as amusing as I did on receipt.

The Complete Man.

One who gets up at 5.00 every morning.

Makes his own bed.

Tidies up his room by himself.

Exercises every day.

Helps cooking in the kitchen.

Does not drink alcohol.

Stays away from night life.

Spends his time productively.

Reads something every day.

Goes to sleep every night promptly at 9.00 pm.

Every morning spends time in prayer.

Such a complete man can be found only in prisons.

Since I pass muster in all the qualities enumerated, I responded – “I am not in any prison.”

His response:

PS. The Complete Man is an iconic advertising slogan for a famous fabric /gents garments manufacturer in India.

12 thoughts on “The Complete Man.”

  1. how fun…

    I’m so thankful that I’m not a “man” – living up to this completeness would be so difficult…

  2. Oh my god. Everything I never want in any man (other than “spending time productively and reading every day”), my son included. When I got to the punchline I did laugh.

    I wonder about prison. The last frontier. It’s one thing to make our own prison, it’s another to BE imprisoned.


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