The Conformist.

Terra is the latest one among many on social media to share this image on her blog post.

After reading her post, I went to check just how many books I have in my collection remaining to be read.

I found that I had eleven in my Kindle and thirty hard copies yet to be read. One more landed up this morning making it thirty one.

This trait is called Tsundoku in Japanese! I have blogged about this phenomenon before and have mentioned some other bloggers who too suffer from this affliction.

I am now determined not to buy any more books till I finish reading all the books that await my pleasure.

Please wish me luck.

Do you too suffer from Tsundoku?


PS:  One of my very few regrets in life is that I never learnt Japanese. They seem to have words for just about every quirk in human life.

4 thoughts on “The Conformist.”

  1. I can so relate Ramana and I have been afflicted (yes afflicted) by a neighbour who keeps dropping off books to me without my agreement, outside my door, on my shelf outside, etc. I truly have enough emergency books and books on order from my local library that I don’t need her contributions but she ignores my protests. I’ll just donate them to my building library which she should have done. And PS some are books I wouldn’t give the time of day to.

    1. I suspect that Tsundoku is much more widespread than one would imagine. And yes, well-wishers add to our collections thinking that being voracious readers, we will appreciated their gifts!

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