The Death Penalty


I am generally for the death penalty, where there is one hundred percent proof of the accused’s guilt, but have often been torn between my idea that justice will only be served by taking a life for a life and the possibility that an innocent percent may be punished for a crime committed by someone else.

The subject was very nicely dealt with by my young blogger friend Ashok in two posts dated May 11,2009 and May 12, 2009 in his blog “I truly am not as smart as Einstein“. Both the articles are worth reading for the reason that in India, we are now faced with some very uncomfortable decisions arising out of mercy petitions from convicted terrorists and other low life.

Ashok is a very serious young man with an exciting career and life ahead of him and I hope to make his personal acquaintance one of these days. He will be very interested in another story that is making waves in the USA just now about which, I have been able to get some authentic information from an Op-Ed article in the New York Times.

I am sure that there are many voices for and against the death penalty but this is one of those issues which, I am afraid will remain unresolved in the foreseeable future.

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