The Delivery Man.


In my post on the film Blended, in the comments section, Chuck and I had exchanged notes on a couple of films and based on his recommendation, I had procured a DVD of The Delivery Man starring Vince Vaughn. I finally got the time to see it on Saturday but I had problems accessing my blog due to excessive attempts to log in by some spammer. My security apparatus simply locked me out as well and it took a while for my geek team to sort it all out.

I am glad that I took Chuck’s advise and got the DVD.

While the movie has been billed as a comedy-drama, there is little comedy but enough melodrama to get the viewers quite involved. The storyline is highly improbable but that is precisely why the movie is so appealing. The sheer magnitude of the problem of one man fathering 533 children and coming to see 142 of them personally is mind boggling enough and the aplomb with which Vince Vaughn delivers a performance is worth the money and time spent on it.

All the other actors come in more or less on cameo roles and Vaughn single handedly carries the responsibility to deliver a good movie. The direction throughout is impeccable and obviously Ken Scott and Vaughn have great empathy with each other to produce a very worthwhile film to watch.

If you like a single actor improbable story description appealing, do see it if you have not already.


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    1. Now, you have gone and stumped me Chuck! There I am thinking that it is a bizarre imagination running riot and you say that it is a true story. Wikipedia confirms that too. Man, what a story!

  1. Am certainly glad that your recent movie of choice was one you enjoyed my friend. I have not seen the film myself but was aware of the film and its associated plot. I’m not a particular advocate nor fan of artificial insemination from anonymous donors so a film such as the subject film which takes it to its extremes is not one I am apt to view.
    Alan G recently posted..Favorite Words….

    1. You won’t miss much Alan, but if you do come across a situation where you have nothing better to do and this is available, you can spend some time viewing it and then decide for yourself.

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