The East India Company.

The East India Company from London came to India in the year 1600. It was the forerunner of British Colonial rule over the entire Indian subcontinent, currently called South Asia.

All Indians of my generation and before learnt all about the EIC and how they were replaced by direct Crown rule as part of our history lessons. Such history has tended to get diluted subsequently and perhaps many modern students may not be even aware of the role played by the East India Company.

Earlier this year, we came to know that an Indian has bought out the East India Company and was in the process of turning it into a departmental stores.

Today, it is a vibrant organization with a clear vision of where it wants to go.

There will not be many Indians who will feel as deeply about this development as I do. I am sure that those who do, will join me in saluting Sanjiv Mehta.

Conrad, another hero that I wish had been me!

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