The Equalizer.


The attraction? Denzel Washington. The reason for going on a Weekend afternoon, a busy calendar the whole of next week for both my partner in crime Ramesh and me. And despite the higher cost of the tickets, both of us also wanted to exploit a sale offering “buy two get one free” from a shop that we patronise for garments in the mall that houses the multiplex. The offer is only for this weekend.

The reaction? Overall, a very satisfying afternoon. The film was good, I made some new friends at the theater and at the shop after the movie and Denzel did not disappoint.  Both Ramesh and I made some good purchases as well.

What is puzzling is the frequency with which the Russian Mafia as it is called now features in many English films and action novels.  Is it an all pervading presence in the USA and the UK today?  I ask because  the last two films that I saw had the Russian Mafia being tackled by the heroes, the last action novel that I read of Lee Child, Personal also features the Russian Mafia in London, and the last British made film that I saw Rocknrolla also featured them. It would appear that the Russians have now taken over from the Italians!

The story builds up nicely with just enough mystery to keep the viewer’s curiosity about the background of the hero alive till it all falls into place.  The action is fast paced and quite realistic considering the background of the hero and tight direction and editing makes it a worthwhile movie to watch.  Definitely a better film than just a popcorn movie.  I however hesitate to give it a full six star because of the length of the film.  It could have been lower with some unnecessary scenes cut out.  So, Denzel has to be satisfied with [rating=5].

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  1. I like buy one, get the next free better than buy two. Reduced 75% is even better, tho’ the clothing prices in India when we were there, were unbeatable to start with.

  2. Hollywood industry has a habit of create negative chracters of what they think as their enemies. So Soviet Union/Russia (Cold War enemy) is always potrayed as negative, in awe or getting inspired by America/Americans. That space is now slowely getting usurped by Al-Queda, Pakistanis. In many of their movies, there are negative Pakistani/Jehadi characters. Compare that with Cold war time movies(e.g. Rambo), where those Mujhaideen were potrayed as friends in need of American help and Russians as tormentors.

    P.S: Came to this site, because one of my friends set his wife’s gender as “Male” while boooking a railway ticket, I was searching how can we rectify that and then came across the blog you have wriiten on that topic.

    1. I am delighted that providence brought you to my blog. I went over to yours and found that you belong to a different stratosphere! But a nice blog nevertheless. I find that you share a passion for Bullet motorcycles with my son.

      Thank you for the comments which are quite incisive. I hope that you will continue to visit my blog and comment.

      1. Thank you for visitng my site. Yes it is different, but there are a few things common, which I observed from reading your blogs (Like not liking Congress). Will be watching the movie “Sardar”, whenever I can lay my hands on the CD/DVD.
        And, I will definetly keep visiting your blog, as I am really enjoying reading all your blogs. It is refreshing.

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