The Finger!

No, I don’t mean this finger in Milan.

I mean this one:

Please click on the image to get a larger image and zoom in on the finger to see an ink stain.

I was interviewed by a young lady reporter of a local newspaper as I exited the polling station after voting this morning.  She took this photograph after asking me to pose for it with my finger showing the ink stain as proof that I had indeed voted. She had kindly sent me the photograph via WhatsApp and has promised that I will feature in her article tomorrow in the local paper. If the article does indeed appear, I shall blog about it tomorrow.

India’s gargantuan elections to our Parliament is in progress and Pune where I live,  voted today. After quite some time, I was able to meet a lot of my friends from the Joggers’ Park who had come to vote there. Since I have stopped going there for my evening walks, I had not seen many of them for over a year now. Arrangements to give preference to ladies, senior citizens and handicapped people were excellent and I did not have to stand in a queue for too long as my son who had escorted me had to.

I have done my bit. Now to wait for the results to come which will take another month as it will take that long to cover the entire country.

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