The First Born.

I am a first born. I was followed by two more brothers before the much wanted sister arrived on the scene.

I can relate. We would have liked to have had more children than the only one we did but were advised against it for medical reasons.

You can now watch the video and if you don’t understand some of the terms you can consult Google Uncle.

Have fun.

10 thoughts on “The First Born.”

  1. I’m a first born, with a sister two years younger. I’m told I didn’t speak until my sister was born, when the shock of having a sister got me talking for the first time! People say a first born gets treated better than any subsequent child, but I don’t think that was the case with me.
    nick recently posted..Good riddance

  2. I’m the baby – and in fact 25 years from the eldest – we are both the only ones still alive – our 2 middle siblings have both gone “upstairs”

      1. nope not spoilt now – maybe when I was younger, although my parents were in their 50s by the time I went to school…I think they may have been “over it” raising the family by then. They certainly didn’t understand my generation neeeds!
        My elderly sister is locked in to some facts that are completely wrong, every phone chat, something is said that riles me up…to point where I usually terminate our phone call.

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