The Four Letter Word.

This is my grand nephew Vedesh. He towers over me by at least half a foot and can easily beat me into pulp if it ever came to that. When I next visit Chennai again, I shall take a photograph with him to show my readers how larger than life he really is.
Two days ago, he posted this on his facebook page.
shut the fuck upSince over a thousand kilometers separate the two of us I decided to tease him a bit and since I could not resist the temptation to respond  we exchanged views as under. Please click on the image to get an enlarged version.
exchangeAs a grand uncle, I think that it is my duty to enlighten Vedesh about matters of great import.  Particularly since his best friend Suman and I had this exchange again on facebook.  I have no doubts whatsoever that Vedesh must have told Suman about my antecedents.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 7.12.27 PMBong in that exchange means Bengali.  Suman is a Bengali and finds it fascinating that a Bengali had condescended to marry me.  Grihasta is another word that needs explanation which can be had here.

So, as part of their education, without further ado, I shall take them to a remarkable piece of writing on the world’s most popular four letter word which can be read here.

I shall now await reactions from these two young people who brighten up my existence by just being around for me.


21 thoughts on “The Four Letter Word.”

    1. “Suck it up”, Jean, sounds disgusting. From every angle.

      I am fond of the f word. I don’t use it often but when I do it’s like an exclamation mark. It has a purpose. Makes an impact. You don’t even need to raise your voice.

      Ursula recently posted..Mustard

      1. Fuck sounds okay to me. We watch a lot of movies & it’s used constantly in the last 20 years. Jean doesn’t see modern movies so she’s not used to that.

      1. “MC” and “BC”, the Indian colloquial equivalents somehow seem more comfortable to use

  1. ” Suman is a Bengali and finds it fascinating that a Bengali had condescended to marry me.” That is the bizarre fetish of the unhelpful type of bong, no?

  2. I had read other articles about the history of the word and knew it went way back. But I’m not opposed to the fuck-word. I am, however, opposed to silly euphemisms for it like “fudge” and “f-bomb.”
    Secret Agent Woman recently posted..Give me Novocaine.

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