The Four Wives.

No, I don’t have four wives nor do I have any intentions of acquiring them any time in the future.

This video must be seen first before why I post it here becomes clear.

A lady friend of mine from Australia sent a clip similar to this to me on WhatsApp with the comment:

“Look after your soul mate. :-)” Knowing her as I do, quite whether the omission of the comma after the word soul, was deliberate is a moot point.

I responded with – “I don’t have even one wife, leave alone four.  I look after my soul just fine thank you.”

She responded with – “I don’t have a wife either. So, I don’t have a choice. I AM my own soulmate!”

I wonder which wife is this one at the coffee table.

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  1. Some people never come to understand there are more important things than things and money. Then someone like DJT becomes the leader of the free world and they say “see -money and stuff do count as clearly that man is a soulless bastard”

    Tough to argue with that one. Of course. perhaps some evangelicals really only support him because they hope he will cause armageddon and hasten Jesus’ return but I suspect were that to be the case those folks night just find themselves stuck on this 3rd rock from the sun as they missed the whole point

      1. this is wonderful Rummy.
        I took great interest in little Li Li.
        I was just too young. and too late now wise.
        and I take my part in not ever coming to love my mother in law. she was a difficult person for sure. and so very jealous of anyone’s affection for her one and only son. (he always told me to not take it personally and that’s what he meant) it would have been anyone!
        but I realize that I certainly probably was fanning the flame. I learned much from this.
        yes! Sean. even a guru from across the ether.
        hopefully not as tiring! SH
        tammy j recently posted..and the soul of a horse

        1. “Fanning the flame”? You? Surely not. LOL.

          Nothing you can do now about your MIL, Tammy. But, since you recently compared me to her, you can make up for lost time by loving me instead. Not least because I am not jealous of any affection, female or otherwise, shown to the Angel. What makes him happy makes me happy. Have you ever considered that the two of you just didn’t click? It happens. Happened to me with my father-in-law. We held each other in fond esteem, yet irritated each other; oddly, whenever it was just the two of us and his grandson we got on well. Relationships are balancing acts, Tammy. Best not to fall off the rope.

          Ursula recently posted..Growth

    1. Jean, I don’t believe that you can NOT believe in some sort of soul.

      What is this thing, call it whatever you like, that is so unique to each of us? That something indefinable? You may prefer to call it consciousness. Or our kernel. Or something. But there is definitely some sort of yes, spiritual, center within all of us. Some, if only as a type of shorthand, call it “soul”. And when I die I’ll go with the folklore of my soul fleeing my useless empty shell through my, I hope not closed, mouth. And evaporate. Or become one with our collective consciousness. Doesn’t matter. We have lived.

      I can see it now, Jean. Somewhere in the land of never, there will be a party for souls; the host (say, Ramana) introducing my soul to your soul. Let’s dance.

      Ursula recently posted..Growth

  2. Your post’s contents have sent me into so many directions of thought – not to say to the periphery of outrage – I don’t know where to start. In which case, just this once, I won’t start lest I never finish.

    Ursula recently posted..Growth

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