The Gaza Problem.

I quote Jim Belshaw from Australia who has an interesting take on the clash of civilizations.
“A key problem today is that the social forcing process has out-run our institutional capacities to respond. Time is required, and we don’t have it.” His blog when contains some non Australian related matters, are full of insight that is unusual and unique. I have given the link to his comment page on the post and urge my readers to visit his original post to understand the thread in the comments page.

I am intrigued with his observation that we don’t have the time required to make our institutions capable of responding to rapid changes taking place in our world.

I really wonder whether this is the problem, or whether our institutions are being managed and led by people who are capable of inspiring such rapid changes. With the ubiquitous availability of various methods of communication, very capable creative people in various fields available in plenty to participate, what stops our leaders from handling the problems faced by us differently from the way that they are currently doing?

What kind of world will we be leaving for our future generations, if the drift and shooting from the hip responses that we see everywhere, are allowed to continue to dominate our times?

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