The Gift Of Siblings.


This article could have been written by me, except that I am the Mark in the story and the age difference between me and the youngest, the sister Padmini is six years.

I have read the book The Sibling Effect by Jeffrey Kluger in which he points out ““Siblings are the only relatives, and perhaps the only people you’ll ever know, who are with you through the entire arc of your life.”

The four of us have been separated by distance sometimes substantial, sometimes not but the bonds have been very strong and continue to be.

What is heartening is also that the next two generations of cousins seem to find the relationships very comfortable also.

I am all for a Siblings Day. Unless it already exists.

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    1. That is odd! I went to Wikipedia and discover that it does indeed come around every year on April 10th. Will make a note for future reference. Thank you Grannymar.

      1. So do they go at each others throats the other 364 days ( 365 in a Leap Year ) ??!! This is the problem I have with all these “Days” ( Mothers Day , Fathers Day , Valentines Day etc etc ) . It has been invented by the Hallmarks of this world to fleece us !

  1. My only sister , with whom I had a great relationship passed away in 2008 . I miss her a great deal and every year on her death anniversary I arrange for a meal for poor children through the Sai Baba Temple ( she was a great devotee ) here . Not a day passes by without my thinking of her . I feel very sorry when I see siblings who don’t get on and the most common reason ( at least in India ) is fighting over property esp when the parents have not divided it properly prior to their passing . Perhaps one reason my sister and I got on so well is due to the fact that there was no monetary inheritance from our late father ( no debts either ) ! It gives a new meaning to the phrase “Thanks for Nothing ! ” ; but having said that the inheritance was of the soft kind – mostly values !

    1. I suspect that the four of us have such strong bonds primarily due to the fact that there were no inheritance issues too. You are right. I know of other cases, even within my family of bad blood due to inheritance problems and / or misuse of powers of attorney by a sibling or a sibling in law.

  2. you know how i feel about siblings rummy! i would be most purely lost without the marine. he is my best friend as well as my brother.
    he is the only one left on earth who remembers me as a child. and i him.
    that seems strange. 🙂
    the picture of all you siblings is wonderful. your sister is protected for sure! and she’s a cutie pie!
    tammyj recently posted..thank you

  3. I envy you on this. I’m not close with any of my siblings. The oldest of my sisters led a life style that was very selfish and damaging — and I finally gave up on hoping that “maybe this time will be different. She’s almost 59 and has finally settled down… I think.

    The other four are half siblings, my father’s 2nd family, and we didn’t grow up together. They’ve almost always lived over 1500 miles away.

    Like I said — I’m envious.
    Mike recently posted..Dust, Drought, and Depression #6.

  4. The youngest (me) and the oldest are still alive (big, big gap), the rest have gone…for some reason there is a problem with us two left!

    Probably the huge age difference but there is also something niggling in my mind and my best friend that she knows something about my disabilities – particularly my balance – which she doesn’t seem to want to give up!

    This niggle occurs when I over balance and hurt other bits of me…and there is this silence and something I have never fathomed out – a kind of shrug (even though I’m on the phone, and can’t see her)…

    As I’ve got older, the balance has becoming a problem and I am trying to deal with it but I hit a blank wall, most times because “history doesn’t exist” other than from me…:-( certainly no help from her.

    sorry off topic about siblings!
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Paper, Paint and “What-if?”

    1. I am sorry to hear about the physical problems and do I see a longing for understanding from the eldest? It would be nice to have sibling help like I had when I underwent surgery.

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