The Good Life.

A friend of mine from rural Maharashtra rang me up to help his grand daughter visiting Pune and I readily agreed. He got her to talk to me on phone and to sort out her problems.

The grand daughter GD for short had been in Pune since last Saturday visiting a classmate attending her engagement festivities. GD got bored with just hanging around the home and accompanied by some other girl friends went shopping all over Pune.

To cut the story short, in three days she spent a small fortune and wanted my help to get it all packed and sent to her family home in the village. When I got her to tell me the total value for insurance purposes, it zapped me out of my sofa. In three days, that young lady had spent more than I would have spent in the last four years on running my household!

Her husband, parents and grand parents can afford such indulgence but it still bothers me that just being bored could lead someone to spend so much on stuff that certainly is not readily available where she lives, but somethings that she has been living without for the past three years since her own marriage!

So, the Good Life that I am under the impression that her family has in rural India has just been transformed into a life full of goods!

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