17 thoughts on “The Grass Grows By Itself.”

  1. LOL!
    ahhh. priceless. also my favorite zen saying. and how can one not LOVE Calvin and Hobbes. I needed this particular one today!

  2. Of course grass will grow by itself. But only if either it was there in the first place or you have sown some seeds. Watering helps too.

    Then, naturally, as grass grows it may have to be mown. So “doing nothing”, either way, isn’t really an option.

    On the other hand, if you mean “que sera sera” which sounds like a Spanish cheese you are right: What will be will be. Or not.


  3. Yes, it’s sometimes the wisest course to take no action and just wait for things to resolve. The tricky bit is deciding which course of action is needed in any given situation – to do nothing or do something. Doing nothing may just be lazy procrastination rather than strategic inaction.

    1. I think that the Zen saying is more for reaction than for action. What brings about distress and sorrow to us usually is reaction to something or the other rather than any action that we take.

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