The Great Divide.

The Independent’s headline ‘This is a battle of ideologies’: Divided Delhi goes to polls in penultimate phase of Indian election.

Time Magazine’s cover says, “India’s divider in Chief.

I just want to ask my British friends if when the British go to vote during the next election, the Independent will say “Divided Britain goes to vote. After all Britain today is divided by Brexiters, No Brexiters, No Deal Brexiters and others with other point of view as well as having many political parties with different points of view.

I also want to ask my American friends, if when they next vote, the Time magazine will say, “Divided USA goes to vote.” After all, they too have the Republican and Democratic parties plus various shades within like the Tea Partiers, The Socialists in each party as well.

What kind of arrogant journalism is this?

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  1. Americans will remain Americans. Actually the ego of the Americans as a whole nation is so high that it has to come down some times. Now the e down slide of USA has started. What America was in 70,80,and 90 tees and what it is now.

    1. The arrogance on display is yours Ramesh. Then again, perhaps if so many nations were not begging us for money and assistance in the 70s thru the 90s perhaps we would not have been so arrogant. All we are seeing today is a natural adjustment in the world just as there is a generational rebellion within the USA as the power transfers from my generation to the next. I suspect Trump is simply an anomaly trying to capitalize on the fear of that power transfer.

  2. Of course he media will say that Ramana – because it is true. But we do not face the difficulties of countries built on the UK model – I have always wondered how those countries govern themselves. It seems quite difficult to form an effective government. Of course as you can see, we are not exactly a model of effective governance these days ourselves. We are also having more difficulties with globalization but that is due to our arrogance (yes Ramesh I said that LOL) The most interesting of the emerging powers to watch is India IMHO. You guys will go a long way toward determining the balance of power down the road.

  3. I think we have the ‘Divided Britain’ headline every other day – if it’s not Brexit it’s something else, yesterday it was inequality – the rich have even more of the money apparently.

  4. Hi Rummy,

    It’s the kind of Leftist Arrogant Journalism – what else? The leftist Media is the most insidious, divisive, lot I have ever seen. That headline is so because PM Modi represents everything they fight against and he is fighting against everything they built (and G-d Bless him for it). I hope PM Modi is re-elected cause he has done a fabulous job thus far (at least from my limited perspective, so correct me if I am wrong) and I believe he can do a lot more.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Iran and the Network for Circumventing Sanctions

  5. It’s highly likely the British media will say “Divided Britain goes to vote” because that’s the reality. We Brits are bitterly divided about Brexit, with fanatical Brexiters on one side and passionate EU supporters on the other. Panellists on Question Time often get booed and heckled when they don’t support Brexit one hundred per cent. It’s a nasty atmosphere and getting worse.

  6. “Angry and Confused” is more likely, if our gang of self-seeking, hypocritical, slippery chancers are allowed to remain inside their “Westminster Bubble”

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