The Gunman.


How can I not go to a movie with Sean Penn in it?  And when the show timings are very convenient in the afternoon, it is cinch that I would go despite not knowing anything about any of the other actors, director, producers or anything else.

With that background, let me share my views on the film that I saw yesterday.  The leading lady Jasmine Trinca produces a very credible performance and I will certainly see any other films that will feature her.  And before I forget, Sean Penn delivers.

The film revolves around hanky panky that happens in Africa with mercenaries killing people and doing other nasty things to enable multinational corporations to exploit the mineral wealth there.  Sean Penn portrays one such mercenary who kills a Minister and then scoots to save himself and his employers from getting caught, in the bargain losing his lady love.

Years later, nemesis catches up with him and he is forced to return to his killing ways to not only save his own life but also his lady love’s and that part of the film is what Shackman calls the popcorn and action experience that keeps one glued to one’s seat.

All in all an entertaining afternoon particularly when it is all over and done with under two hours of theater time, and the film gets my usual [rating=5] rating for such action films.

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