The Guru.

During my recent visit to Vashi, I attended a lecture on Vedanta by a Swamini, that is a lady Swamy who answered a question from the audience about the Guru appearing when the student is ready. She said that in the olden days, this was very much true as a Guru in physical form was very much necessary. She further said that the guru need not be a person but can be a source of knowledge like a book or a recorded message and pointed out that we live in blessed times because innumerable gurus are now available to us via the internet and the television / radio media. She says that now the Guru comes home to teach individually to learners who do not have to undergo the trials of seeking out a guru.

This is indeed very true and on reflection makes me wonder as to why more people do not take to spirituality now that the guru can come home and teach. Most would rather watch programs that titillate and entertain.

Be that as it may, she directly asked me how I found my Guru and I explained that a series of events starting from 1978 led me eventually to my current Guru. When she asked if I attended his classes even now, I said no and that he has now concluded his teachings and has asked his students to pursue the path by the traditional Sravanam, Mananam and Nidhidhyasanam. (Hearing, Reflecting and Meditating). And that I was following his instructions. She promptly pointed out that here is a clear case of the Guru being available in the form of books, and media to help me along without the physical presence of a Guru.

We are indeed blessed.

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