The Hair Cut.

Whenever I leave home on an errand, I try to combine more than just one so that in one trip I can achieve more.

So it was that when I got an appointment with my dentist fortuitously advanced to a civilised time that I decided to combine it with a hair trim on the way back home.

The saloon however was jam packed and I had to wait for some time before I could get a slot and in the process had to settle for a trim by a barber not my usual choice.

The wait and the aftereffects of the visit to the dentist made me doze off while the trimming was going on and instead of a hair trim I got a haircut.

haircutAs usual, I used the opportunity for a beard trim plus an upper body massage and finally reached home three hours after I had left it. Unusual because both the dentist and saloon are just across the road from my residence. My daughter in love Manjiree was quite worried as I had not taken my mobile phone with me and she could not contact me whereas on contacting the dentist she was told that I had left a long time ago. Knowing her FIL as she does for being impulsive, she must have thought that he had gone off to take sannyasa! So when she saw me return hale and hearty if some what lighter on the top she exclaimed “So, that is what you did, had a haircut!”

And I responded – “Yes dear, but I was barberqueued!”

21 thoughts on “The Hair Cut.”

  1. LOL!!!
    barberqueued !
    no. no.
    i think it’s a perfect hair cut and beard trim sean. and i mean perfect.
    the worst is when a beautiful bald man lets the top strands grow long and wispy.
    yours is neat clean and well kept.
    some days i wish i were a sannyasini for sure. today is one of them. actually for many many days now.
    i love that manjiree keeps such loving track of you!
    tammy j recently bun inny wun?

    1. Thank you for all the very flattering comments Tammy. Manjiree does not keep loving track of me. She really is scared that I will pull the disappearing trick one of these days! More to the case, afraid that I would have fallen off somewhere and lying unattended.

  2. It always amazes me that some people can doze off while getting a haircut! Ever since a hairdresser once said to me, “Stop telling me how you want it styled. I know what to do—I’m the artist!” I’ve been mistrustful of them. Always having to keep a watchful eye on them means never. ever dozing off, or even relaxing. Don’t forget, their job is to CUT hair—and they will keep cutting until they decide to stop, or until you tell them to!

    1. It is a matter of trusting the barber. I have been going to the same saloon for twenty years and know all the lads there. Though my favourite and the usual one was not available, I still trust the others. So dozing off is no problem for me and if the job goes wonky, I can still laugh about it and yell at the barber responsible.

  3. mine is a simple cut – and it always comes out the right length as long as I state the # required. I remember once a man, commenting “you went to the adjacent chair to my wife and she is still there, I want her to get the same hair cut as you…” I think he was looking tired of waiting for her 🙂

  4. I couldn’t do the same as my dentist and hairdresser are many miles apart! I’m glad a male haircut is so straightforward and nothing much can go wrong, unlike the stylistic variations of a female cut. Though I was once given an alarmingly short haircut that made me almost a skinhead. It took several weeks to look normal again!
    nick recently posted..Mountains or molehills?

    1. My dentist, hair cutting saloon, GP, Grocer, Bank and favouritest restaurant all are within walking distance from my home. I also have an autorickshaw stand just 100 mts from home. It also helps that I have lived here for over a quarter of a century and everybody knows me. I have had close cuts like the latest one on a few occasions as well.

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