The Hair Dryer.

In all our 40 years of married life, not once did I want to do that.

In the last 3 1/2 years, I have often felt like the Sonny in that. Let me explain with the latest instance when I did.

Last Sunday was very relaxed and peaceful till late afternoon when my father complained about unease and wanting to see the doctor. I succeeded in postponing that to Monday, as the doctor was away from Pune attending a conference.

When I took my father to the doctor on Monday, it transpired that on his own initiative, after reading the literature that accompanied the medicine, he had not been taking one prescribed medicine. Both the doctor and I blew our gaskets and it took me the whole day to recover from that. He was most contrite and kept apologising, but would not understand my angst. I finally had to tell him that if he wanted me to give the care that he needs, he has to obey the doctor and keep me informed of any deviations that he wished from those instructions. He has reluctantly agreed.

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